The Oregon coastline is host to many dilectible clam species. Razors, gapers, butters, littlenecks, eastern softshells, and more.
Join me on a foray on our next good low tide!


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The razor clam is a delicacy like no other shellfish on our Oregon coast lines. Its mild yet pronounced sweet flavor, along with a pleasing texture make it a favorite on even the most exquisite of dinner tables. A surf clam, the razor is found in abundance on our northern Oregon beaches, where it reaches over 5 inches in length. Razor clamming is a wonderful familial activity with everyone wanting to join in on the fun. I will show you what beaches hold good populations, what signs to look for along the beach and in the water, and will provide you with a clam ring (a clam container) and shovel or clam gun. I will discuss with you the virtues of using either a shovel or a gun and will provide you opportunities to harvest clams using both methods. As I will be clamming with you, I will show you the correct techniques to harvest razors without breaking their shells. In Oregon, you are required to keep any razor clam you have dug for, regardless of size. In other words, you can’t put the small ones back. That said, I will show you what to look for in order to have a better chance to harvest a mature clam on each dig. My guided trips will coincide with quality “minus” low tides so we have plenty of chances for good clam “shows.” Spring months are great times to target razor clams as the good low tides are always in the daylight morning hours. This year, we will have great daytime low tides in April, May, and June. I also offer trips in the fall months when minus tides occur in the late afternoon, evening hours. October and November both have some good minus tides coming. For these trips, we may use lanterns and headlamps to find our clams. Upon your booking of one of my guided razor clam trips, I will give you a set of dates with great low tides that you can pick from. I take up to 4 people per group or will take individual diggers out as well. I will also alert you near our date of any shellfish closures or rough ocean conditions and will give you an option to rebook.


Our Oregon Estuaries are rich with several species of bay clams. I like to dig gaper and butter clams in our north coast bays. These large meaty clams are plentiful and a lot of fun to dig for. Weather is not so much an issue as finding a good “minus” lowtide to dig. This is a great activity for the whole family!


Top Clamming Dates

Jan 1-4 Jan 28-31
Feb 27 Feb 28
Apr 16-19 Apr 28-30
May 13-19 May 26-30
June 11-17 June 24-29
July 10 – 15
Oct 7-11 Oct 24-27
Nov 5-9 Nov 21-25
Dec 4-7 Dec 20-23



Cost per clamming trip is $50 per person or $125 total for groups of 3-5. Waders are available


If you are interested in scheduling a trip with me please use one of the many contact forms on the site including the one below or simply give me a call and I will take care of the rest. Thank you for your interest and hope to see you one a trip sometime soon!


  • I highly recommend Bill as a fishing guide. He is someone who will come prepared with the right gear, fresh bait and a comfortable boat making for a great relaxing day on the water. He will work hard and put in the time to get you into a fish. He is not afraid to change techniques until he finds a method that is working. At the end of the day he will clean your catch and send you on the way. Bill is the consummate professional, no need to worry about rough language even when a rookie mistake is made. He is interested in making sure you have a great time.
    Tim W.
  • My son & I have gone on two trips with Osprey Adventures this last year and they were both awesome experiences. Bill is a great guide, and he knows how to catch fish. Looking forward to going out with him again this year!
    Nate H.
  • Fishing with Bill was the best time I have ever had fishing. He gave my family and I one one of the most amazing fishing trips. My family can't wait to come back and fish with Bill again. He is incredibly knowledgeable and will work hard at making sure your trip is a memorable one!
    Mike L
  • As always Bill of Osprey Guide Adventures knew the water well. We floated by outstanding scenery and fished every part of the Nestucca. It was great to nail my first Winter Steelhead! A worthwhile Trip. Thanks "OGA" Jesse E.
  • If you have ever wanted to catch a big fish, Osprey Guide Adventures is where to go! Bill is a very skilled and experienced guide, he will teach you how to catch fish and you will have a great adventure!
    Gregg A
  • I've never had my arms be sore from fighting so many steelhead! Thanks, Osprey Guide Adventures!
  • If you are looking for a great guide, Osprey is the way to go! I have gone on two trips with Bill,  once bay clamming and once winter steelheading. Let me tell you,  I wasn't the least bit disappointed!  Bill is very knowledgeable about every service he has to offer. I encourage people to go on different trips with this guide in whatever you are interested in.  I know I will continue to go on trips with Osprey Guide Adventures, and I'm telling others about him.


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