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  • Your One Stop Oregon GuideSalmon, Steelhead, Clams and MoreA resident of oregon for over 40 years, I have a vast knowledge of its waters and forests, click below to learn more.Learn More
  • Salmon GuideSpring, Summer and Fall I fish Buoy 10, Tillamook Bay, The Columbia and Willamette and i guarantee i will get you on the fish! click below to learn more!Learn More
  • Steelhead GuideWinter and SummerI fish oregon's north coastal streams and columbia tributaries to find some of the best places to catch steelhead! click below to learn more.Learn More
  • Razor Clam GuideRazor ClamsIf you are looking to find some of the best razor and bay clams the northwest has to offer then you have come to the right place! click below to learn more!Learn More
  • Other QuarriesMushrooms and BerriesI know how and where to find some of the forest's best hidden secrets, click below to learn more.Learn More
  • Get Started TodayReady to start?If you are ready to catch fish then please give me a call or click below to get started!Learn More
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A little bit about my services…
Welcome to my website! I provide guided trips for salmon, steelhead, clams and other wild quarries in Oregon. These wonderful bounties are available to any one of us who is intrested but might not be easily found by the untrained individual. My guide www mail order brides services are directed at instructing you how, when, and where to find these dilectable treasures along with responsibly harvesting them.  With the tools you gain from my guided trips, you will be able go out on your own in the future with a solid chance to obtain your quarries of interest.